Ann Woods

Mandy Vance
16th January 2019
Ciara Crawford
16th November 2018

    Shop assistant.

    Favourite music/band:

    Robbie Williams

    Favourite film:

    Pretty Woman

    What team do you support:

    Northern Ireland

    Favourite ever player:

    George Best

    Proudest moment at Lisbellaw United:

    When Zach and the U18’s lifted the Lowry Corry Cup (2016)

    If you could invite 5 people for a dinner party, who would they be:

    Robbie Williams, George Clooney, Brendan O’Carroll, Mirand Harle & hubby Nigel.

    If you were stranded on a desert island, which three possessions would you like to have with you:

    Mobile phone (until the battery runs out), my childrens photos, and their memory boxes.

    Any hobbies:

    Can’t say I have one!

    Are you reading a book/watching any TV series at the minute:

    The Cry

    What is your catchphrase/motto:

    “It’s not the end of the world”

    An interesting fact people may not know about you:

    I write a bit of poetry.


    Ann Woods


    Committee Member

    Length of time in current role

    4 years