Ciara Crawford

Ann Woods
16th November 2018
kyle mcleery
Kyle McCleery
10th October 2018

    Quality Administrator at Elite Electronics.

    Favourite music/band:

    Everything and anything, from Adele to Elton John, Radiohead, Queen, Westlife. I will listen to anything except hardcore dance music! Fond of a bit of Proud Mary too (my Karaoke special)

    Favourite film:

    Too many to name but I know Grease and Dirty Dancing word for word! Also, Titanic (I will never let go!), The Notebook, Beaches - most tear-jerkers!

    What team do you support:

    Apart from Lisbellaw United, Ipswich Town - was a season ticket holder for 7 years. From one Blue & White army to another!

    Favourite ever player:

    Matty Holland, over 223 consecutive appearances for Tractor Boys!! Legend!

    Proudest moment at Lisbellaw United:

    Probably attending the F&W awards dinner as secretary of the Mercer League Champions! Also, being involved in the build up etc to the Irish Junior Cup Final, not the result we wanted but nice being a part of such a big occasion all the same.

    If you could invite 5 people for a dinner party, who would they be:

    My Mum (don't get to see her as much as I'd like), Peter Kay (to make us laugh), Ed Sheeran (for background music), Gordon Ramsey (to cook the dinner!) and David Beckham (to talk about football...)

    If you were stranded on a desert island, which three possessions would you like to have with you:

    My phone (with unlimited charge and wifi), photographs, a sun lounger! I joke, not sure what really!

    Any hobbies:

    I like to get out walking when the weather permits, hard to beat the open air and listening to music to clear the head! Obviously between F&W meetings, BKYL meetings and the likes, my main hobby is supporting my beloved Lisbellaw United!! Not much time left for anything else!

    Are you reading a book/watching any TV series at the minute:

    Eastenders is the only soap I watch. The Apprentice and The Great British Bake Off, Tattoo Fixers! And am a sucker for certain reality TV like Keeping up with the Kardashians! Not a massive book worm but did read the 50 Shades books and partial to celebrity autobiographies. Must read more.

    What is your catchphrase/motto:

    I don't think I really have one but I am always drawn towards quotes about never giving up.

    An interesting fact people may not know about you:

    Not overly interesting but 4 is my number, born on the 4th, weighing 4lbs 4oz at just after 4pm!


    Ciara Crawford



    Length of time in current role:

    In my 6th season now